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Demonic Symphony – Scene 001

Derek felt the boot connect with his jaw.

Ah, he thought, it was going to be one of those nights. Derek hated it when the demons gave him Nam flashbacks, especially since he had never been to Nam.

Derek focused and felt himself lifting out of the illusion; it felt like rising up after being underwater.

“He’s here” he gasped, “looks like some old soldier’s”

“Awesome” said Laurie, grinning like an idiot, “I’ll get the scanner set up”

Derek pulled himself up against the car. He knew he could leave the preparations to Laurie, the kid knew what she was doing.

He looked up at the old school. The Demon would be inside, he knew, you never got them in empty space, it was probably the soldiers post traumatic memories from when he had been a student; the school looked old enough.

Derek wrapped his hands around the Iron Gate and looked up.

The school towered above him; floodlights lit up the walls but the top of the building was dark. The whole thing looked like some sort of monster looking to jump on him.

Derek shuddered and tightened his grip on the bars. He hated hunting Demons in old places like this; there was always the risk that some old care taker would shoot him before he got a chance to show his badge.

Derek felt the familiar fizzing feeling in the back of his brain, and then a second later he heard the hissing noise of the static scanner. He turned around to see Laurie’s grinning face. She always started grinning like that whenever they were about to head into danger, he wished she would stop.

“You ready to go?” asked Laurie, “Got your armour on?”

“I’ve always got my armour on” muttered Derek. Let’s get this over with, he thought.

With practiced ease the two of them vaulted the security fence and walked into the looming school.

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Demonic Symphony – Scene 002

Laurie loved nights like this. The moon was full, and the skies were clear so the hallways were brightly lit as she walked through them.

She was glad it was going to be an old soldier’s Demon; the last one they had fought had gotten big enough that it had been able to throw things at them; it had been like playing dodge ball; there was something about combat vets that made their Demons really powerful, and that made it more interesting when you took them in.

They were walking into a darker part of the school when something happened. The Static scanner finally stopped fizzing and gave them a message.

“GET OUT!” The scanner gurgled. The two of them stopped in their tracks, Laurie could feel her heart beating faster and a grin spreading over her face.

“Now, Now,” said Derek, “we’re all friends here; there’s no need for all this violent talk.” He sounded like he was reading the words off a card, and he was loading his gun while he was talking.

Laurie hit him on the arm, and he gave her a look, but it was all ritual at this point; neither of them could remember a mission were it hadn’t come down to gunplay.

Laurie had spent several years training to be a psychologist before realizing that there was nothing in the world she wanted to be less, and she felt that she should really add something. “We’re not here to hurt you” she said, “We’re here to help you”. She stopped and listened expectantly; running her finger along the butt of her gun.

“Get OUT!!” insisted the scanner.

Laurie giggled and started loading her gun; it was always the same up to this point.

She felt Derek stiffen next to her and then a second later the scanner started to beep.

She followed the scanners lights.

The Demon was moving down the corridor at them.

Derek brought his gun level, and Laurie did the same.

The Demon started circling; they all started by circling.

Laurie kept her eyes on the scanner and kept her gun trained on target. It was hard doing both at once, but Laurie loved the challenge.

Everything was going normally, and that was a bit of a disappointment. If everything kept going by the routine then the Demon would keep circling, and looking for weaknesses until eventually it would lose track of itself and put itself too far forward, and then they would shoot it and lock it into the containment crystals, hand it over to Casper, and be done for the night. Case closed.

Laurie felt her smile fade a bit as she ran through her chain of thought. Same old, same old; she wished that something would happen this time to break the usual routine.

The scanner beeped and the Demon exploded.

Ah, thought Laurie as the darkness snuffed out the moon, that’ll do it.

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Demonic Symphony – Scene 003

Derek tried to straighten out his panicking thoughts.

Damn it! He thought, and it had been going so well too.

There was something wrong; the Demon was winning; the fact that he was hallucinating was being pushed further and further away.

Hallucinating, who’s hallucinating? The darkness seemed to say. I’m not; I’m right here and I’m not going away.

There was fear now. Fear, and humiliation, and pain. Derek waved his gun, but there was nowhere to aim; just darkness beating like a heart. Stupid boy! The darkness called, idiot child! There’s no gun in your hand.

Derek looked at his hand, and it was empty, and there was no hand; and no arm to put it on, and his legs were gone too, and there was nothing but the fear, and the pain, and the darkness, and it was laughing at him.

Derek collapsed; a meaningless being in an uncaring universe.

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Demonic Symphony – Scene 004

Laurie felt the darkness cover her. She didn’t mind; she liked the darkness.

Then she felt pain, and fear and humiliation. This was wrong; darkness didn’t hurt like this.

The darkness squeezed in on her, it hurts you like this, it seemed to say, it hurts you and only you because you are the one who deserves it.

Laurie gave some thought on that matter. Why? She asked, her voice sounded weird inside her head.

The darkness seemed to falter for a moment, but then it pressed deeper. Because you deserve it came the answer, because you’re worthless.

Laurie thought about this, and then she thought about the pain; it didn’t feel like it belonged to her.

She pushed outwards with her mind. The pain became sharper, more defined, and then there were images as well.

Oh, she thought. She could see it now; a small boy tortured by his schoolmates, asking why, wondering if he deserved it, no one there to help. Teenagers, they were the other common source of the powerful emotions needed for the creation of demons.


Laurie pulled back into her own body. I remember now, she announced, you’re a demon.

The darkness flinched. No I’m not.

Somewhere far off Laurie felt her lips form into a smile. Yes you are.

No I’m not!

Yes, said Laurie, raising her gun as the darkness pulled back, you are”

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Demonic Symphony – Scene 005

Derek hated talking to Casper. He didn’t like any aspect of his job a whole lot, but talking with Casper had to be the worst. Still it was definitely necessary; Casper was the only one who knew how to work with the containment crystals, and they would need to know where the kid behind the demon was if they were going to get him help and stop him from forming another one.

Derek had walked half way down the corridor to Casper’s lab when it occurred to him that he was doing it again; he was confusing the organization’s goals with his own.

Chief would care if they tracked the kid down; after all it was his job to make sure that the organization kept running normally.

Lenard might care if they tracked the kid down; after all it was his job to treat the kid when they found him.

Casper might care, maybe; after all he would want to know that his machine was still working.

Derek didn’t care; he was a field agent; it was his job to go and capture the Demons, not to deal with them afterwards.

He made an excuse and sent Laurie on ahead of him. Then he turned around, planning to see if Tony was back from his away mission and could have a chat before he clocked out when Laurie got back. He rounded a corner and ran into the only person he tried to avoid almost as much as Casper.

“Ha! Good morning neighbour!” exclaimed Lenard, and he really did exclaim; Lenard was a man who really justified the use of the exclamation mark.

“Good morning” Derek muttered, trying to ease around him in the hallway.

Lenard stopped him, “Now I won’t have you running off! How was the night shift?!”


“Ha, ha! Fantastic!”

“Yeah, look; it’s been a long night and I would really like to get home so if you would just move?”

“I wouldn’t dream of stopping you!”

“Thanks” He stepped to one side and started walking down the hallway.

“No problem! Hey, you going to the annual company picnic on Saturday?!”

Derek stumbled as though someone had tied his shoelaces together. “What Picnic? We don’t have an annual picnic; we barely even have a company.”

“Well we do now! I talked to chief and got it all set up! Will I see you there?! I won’t hear no as an answer!”


“I won’t hear it! I already sent the information through to Christine! I’ll see you there” and with that he turned and walked away.

Derek walked away as well; fuming like a chimney. A Company picnic; what a stupid idea! How many staff did they have total, ten at most! He counted on his fingers; there were the three field teams; that’s six people, plus Chief, and Herbert, if he counts; that’s eight. Casper and the fuckwit Lenard makes ten.

Ten staff, thought Derek, what the hell is the point of doing a picnic with those numbers?

Still, he thought, if Lenard really had sent the information to his wife then Derek though he was probably going to be right about him being there; he was sure that Christine would think a picnic would be a great idea. Silly woman.

Derek rubbed his head. I spend all night fighting demons, he thought, and then I go home and do exactly the same thing.

Smiling a little at the thought of Lenard trying to convince Casper to leave his lab, Derek prepared to go home.

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Demonic Symphony – Scene 006

Laurie liked to wake up with the evening chorus; she found the sound of birdsong soothing; it was a great way to start her night off right.

This evening she woke up to the sound of dissonant power cords, but the effect was the same. She grabbed her toothbrush off the top of the card pyramid her roommate had made and set about preparing for the nights work.

She was sure that there would be a new demon to track down tonight; Tony had told her that the start of the new school year was the busy season and that meant that there would probably be more demons like the one last night; clever, powerful, and fun.

She pulled on her jacket, and remembered that she had an extra reason to feel pleased with the world; she was sure that she had managed to see Casper last night. It had only been a wisp out of the corner of her eye, but for just one moment she was sure that she had been able to see him.

Humming to herself and thinking thoughts of self improvement, Laurie almost skipped to work.

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Demonic Symphony – Scene 007

Derek almost had to drag himself up the steps when he got to work. He had had a very bad evening so far. His daughter had somehow managed to acquire a second nerf gun and when he dodged the traditional wakeup bullet he had found himself stepping right into the path of the second one. Then as he had been driving to work his car had suddenly decided to stop working for absolutely no reason. Finally, as he walked round the last corner, the building right next to him had exploded and ruined a perfectly good suit with hot ash.

All in all Derek was in a bad mood when he finally got to work, and his mood wasn’t improved by the news the chief wanted to see him. Derek had been working long enough to know that it was probably just that Chief had a job for him, but somewhere in his frequently persecuted soul a little version of Derek ran in little circles and screamed about punishments for crimes real and imaginary.

With no other option, Derek went to visit Chief.

Laurie was already chatting with Chief when Derek walked into the room.

“Ah, Derek!” said Chief warmly, rising from his chair and shaking his hand. “I’m glad to see you made it; I was worried that you had been caught in that explosion down the road.”

Derek nodded and sat down, Chief chuckled; Derek wasn’t sure what about.

“Well I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I have a job for the two of you; I think you’ll find this fun. Derek, if I’m right about we’re that ash on your suit came from then I bet you’ll find this interesting”

Derek had a bad feeling that he was going to regret hearing those words; five minutes later he knew he had been right.

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