Demonic Symphony – Scene 090

Laurie was having a lot of fun. Although she wished she had found earmuffs.

The Mckingle men made another push for the door but got pushed back again.

Laurie felt excitement burning inside her. She laughed as she hurled a grenade back down the hallway.

There was an explosion and a sheet of flame. There were a couple of men strewn around; they seemed to be getting back on their feet, but this didn’t bother Laurie.

There was a huge crunching noise and part of the wall folded up behind her.

Laurie had a sudden sense that her back wasn’t secure anymore. She jumped and spun around; training her guns on the thing that had just come through.

Derek yelled and covered his face with his hands.

Laurie felt relieved, and gave Derek a big grin. “Just heading through?” she asked.

Derek was watching the corridor with a horrified expression on his face, but he still had the presence of mind to mutter, “Sure, need a lift?”

Laurie was glad that Derek was developing a sense of humour. She chuckled and spread bullets behind her, catching a few men that were trying to sneak forward. Then she took a running leap and swung into the cabin of the truck.

Derek took the truck back, and then spun it round and aimed it at the desert road. “Do you think we have time to get the cube?” He asked.

Laurie’s heart twisted as she looked in the rear view mirror and saw the Mckingle men heading for the sky. “No time!” she said, “Go!”

Derek floored the accelerator and took off into the desert, wheels spinning.

Laurie felt lighter, and she suddenly felt tired. She glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw three glowing lights detach themselves from the rest of the group. Not over yet, she thought.

The three men caught up with the truck and began to ram it; they seemed to be much heavier than mere mass should have allowed.

Laurie could feel her mind making target acquisitions. She smiled and her hand twitched. She picked out the biggest gun she could find and leaned out the window.

One of the men was glowing neon green; he got hit on the nose with gunfire, and dropped out of sight.

Another one of the men was glowing neon black. Laurie had trouble with this one; he ducked and weaved, and stopped her from landing a shot. Finally he ducked too far and rolled under the wheels of the truck.

That just left the man that was glowing yellow. The man that was glowing yellow had seen what had happened to the others; he flew forward and landed on top of the trucks cabin.

“What the hell?” said Derek, “That guy should still be down! I hit him, in the face, with this truck”

Laurie wasn’t really listening; she was trying to solve a mental puzzle. She propped herself up in her seat and leaned out the window. “They don’t stay down” she said, as she sprayed bullets over the top of the cab. “I worked it out when they had me prisoner, that’s why there were only three bodies in the desert; the rest were in good enough condition to get back up and walk away”

“What?” said Derek, “So all those men back there are still alive?”

Laurie felt a tiny pinch of worry. She sat back in her seat and lowered her gun. “I hope so” she said, “I don’t think I hurt any of them badly enough to kill them.”

Derek looked at the accelerator as though hoping there was some way he could push it harder.

The truck lurched hugely, the wheels started spinning, and they started losing speed.

Derek looked in the mirror. “I think he’s pulling on the trailer!” He yelled

Laurie felt the jolt and forced her body back to life. She leaned out the window, but there was nothing to aim at. She let loose with the bullets anyway, and then her gun started clicking. She leaned back in the window and yelled. “We have to shake him off the trailer!”

“Hold on!” said Derek, as he pulled a thick and dangerous looking lever.  There was a huge thud, and they were suddenly minus a trailer.

Laurie was stunned. She turned around in her seat; nodding slightly. “That works too” she said.

There was a flash of yellow, and suddenly the man was on the road ahead.

Laurie hadn’t expected that. She jumped and reached for the next closest gun on the seat.

The man lifted his arm and brought it down like a guillotine. A spout of neon yellow fire blasted from his hand and fell on the road in a huge arc.

The arc hit the side of the truck with a heavy thud that sent the truck spinning out of control.

The truck left the ground, rotated in the air, and hit the ground with enough momentum to roll seven times before stopping on its roof.

With an attitude of dull acceptance, Laurie reached into the glove compartment and put on the cheap pair of sunglasses she found in there. ‘Well’, she thought, ‘at least it will be better than last time’.

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