Demonic Symphony – Scene 010

If Derek was feeling uncharacteristically good, then Laurie was feeling the unaccustomed bite of depression. She had gotten Casper’s analysis of the explosion and that had given her a lot of useful information, but she hadn’t been able to see or hear him at all while he had done it.

It wasn’t that Laurie was jealous of the ability of the other field agents to see Demons, and it wasn’t like it really slowed her down either. For that matter she was quite fond of the cross wrist pose she had to take to use the scanner and her gun at the same time. But even Wellsford had apparently managed to master the ability, and Wellsford was… well… Laurie chose not to follow that line of reasoning. It just felt to her that the ability to see Demons was something that all Demon hunters should have, and not being able to do it made her feel like she had been locked out of an exclusive club.

Laurie shook her head and focused on the information that Casper had printed out for her. He had changed his graphing standards again without telling anyone, she saw, she focused on the collection of spirals and blobs of colour; willing it to make some sort of sense, and eventually she worked it out; it detailed the readings from the different energy feeds pouring into it, and basically didn’t give her any information that wasn’t printed in plain English on the first page.

She turned back to the first page and read it again. Twenty people feeding energy into it and it was based inside of the country; that made sense; chief wouldn’t have given them the job if it had been anywhere else, they even had rough location, about a hundred kilometres in diameter.

Laurie put the information down and watched as Lenard swaggered across the room, leading a small and scared looking boy in his wake. They wouldn’t be able to rely on active scans, she realized, anyone able to put together a retained Demon would probably know to watch out for that, they would need to do this the old fashioned way.

She glanced at the information again; twenty unique feeds probably meant that twenty people had been kidnapped and were being carefully tortured to get the necessary emotion. When they got down there the missing person cases would be the first thing she would check. She smiled a little bit; it was an old fashioned mystery, and it was looking like fun.

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