Demonic Symphony – Scene 017

Derek tapped Laurie on the shoulder and sent her to bed; she had been driving all night and then had been helping the relief effort half the day; she was exhausted.

Besides everything was as in hand as was possible here; tents had been set up, and all the wounded had been tended to. Sammy the Rev would be tending to the dead as soon as he had finished helping all the bereaved drown their sorrows.

Derek sat down and rubbed his eyes. He was tired too; it is not easy to get any sleep in the passenger seat of a car and he hadn’t gotten as much as he had convinced Laurie he had while sending her back to the rooms that Sammy had gotten for them.

Derek stood up. He wasn’t happy letting Laurie sleep alone in a room that a large drunken maniac had access to, but they weren’t in a good position to turn down charity, and the Rev would probably be busy for the rest of the day.

Derek walked away from the tents. He wanted to sleep too, but there was something that he had to take care of first.

Derek jumped over the end of one of the gouges and walked into the police office.

He was surprised to find that they weren’t closed.

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