Demonic Symphony – Scene 069

Laurie climbed to the top of the plaza hotel the hard way. She would have normally taken the lift; but the hotel was active late into the night; and Laurie didn’t think it was a good idea to show herself in public.

She got over the final part of the fire escape and dragged herself onto the roof. Then she stood up and stared into the darkness. It wasn’t even especially dark on the roof and she could see every nook and cranny. There was no one else on the roof.

She walked into the centre of the roof and stared around again. There was still no one there; the roof was total deserted and she was completely alone.

She smiled; she knew she would catch him one day. “Herbert?” she said.

“Hey Laurie” said Herbert, “Got a smoke?”

Laurie went through the ritual and then told him, “I need to know exactly what Gamble Developments was”.

“Oh yeh?” said Herbert; grinning hugely, “Now that is going to cost you.”

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