Demonic Symphony – Scene 042

Derek dragged Laurie out of the wreckage of the Gremlin; she was heavier than she looked.

He blinked and tried to see, but the helicopter was near the ground and was kicking up too much sand.

Derek felt a rock by his foot and threw it randomly; it disappeared into the solid, sand coloured air.

Through squinted eyes he saw a dark shape form in front of him, and then a knee slammed into his stomach and he fell to the ground.

Other shapes ran past him. He tried to get back to his feet; but he collected a boot to the head and went down again.

Derek tried to get back up; but somehow his hands didn’t seem to be able to find the ground again. He felt rage power through him; How Dare They!

Derek threw his whole body into a flying tackle; but his aim was off. The dark shape moved and Derek felt something heavy hit the back of his head and drive him to the ground.

Derek lay; pinned face first to the ground, and cried out in frustration at his own impotence. Sand filled his mouth and he choked it back, he couldn’t focus properly and there were white spots swimming in front of his eyes. Derek could see darkness pouring in from the edge of his vision, and he didn’t know how long he could hold it back.

Someone with a gruff voice yelled out behind him; “We have the object!” and someone with the voice of command answered, “Then kill them”

Derek felt the weight on the back of his head shift and he heard the sound of a gun being swung round and cocked.

He felt a sudden stab of fear, and realized that he would never get to see his wife or daughter again. He wished Jade was there; she probably would have been able to take down the soldiers.

Then there was the sound of gunfire and laughter.

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