Dig Till You Reach Heaven


Dig Till You Reach Heaven

Hello I’m back.

Here’s something new from me; it’s a screenplay I wrote for Script Frenzy.

It really is a rather crude script, but there are some things I quite like about it; for a start the fact that it actually has an ending.

If you read this I would like you to leave comments; this is the first time I’ve ever writen a screenplay, and since I’ve never even read one I would like the views of people more experienced than me.

A word of warning before you start reading. As an experiment I tried to give two of the characters the dynamic that exists between Zorro and Sanji on One Peice; since I’d always liked the way that played out. What I ended up with was two characters that fight at the drop of a hat and use the word arsehole as though it were a comma.

This screenplay contains more swearing than every other thing I’ve written combined, and some of the humor is very crude. Although I don’t want to put recommended ages on anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable reading this to a child.

Here’s the blurb:

There is yet another attempt on God’s life.

Gabriel appoints champions to his defence.

Follow the son of the north wind, a casino royal, and someone who’s actually competent as they attempt to locate a gang of shotgunchuck wielding assassins and put a stop to their Deicidal ambitions.

This is a serious and adult movie in which nothing that weird happens.

Read the PDF


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