Demonic Symphony – Scene 037

Laurie checked her gun; there were two crystals left now. She looked at the cube; it was sitting completely inertly; with blue shards sticking out the top.

Derek got back to his feet and looked at the cube like someone might look at a lazy dog that has suddenly started biting people.

“I think we should show Casper this” said Laurie, but Derek seemed to have other things on his mind.

“How did you know to shoot it?” he asked.

Laurie thought that that was a silly question, “Because it attacked you” she said.

Derek didn’t say anything; instead he backed away from the cube and came back with a curtain. He circled the cube a few times and then jumped on it like a prize fighter. The cube made no attempt to fight back.

Derek tied the cube up inside the curtain, and then went and got the other curtain. He threw the wrapped curtain inside the other curtain and threw the whole assembly over his shoulder.

“Let’s go” he said

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