Demonic Symphony – Scene 029

Derek was nowhere near the fireworks that were going off; with the instincts of a man who had grown old in a deadly profession Derek had put as much distance between what was clearly the kill zone and himself as possible.

Derek hid his body behind a thick tree and propped his gun hand up. With all the fireworks going off in the background it was hard to judge how many people were firing, but maybe that didn’t matter so much right now.

Derek thought about his options, it occurred to him that if he hid in tree and did nothing then the men inside might decide that an animal had accidently nudged the trip wire. Idiot! Think about it! They would search; if they were that trigger happy then they would definitely search the grounds to be sure; Derek doubted if there was a single woodland animal left alive anywhere near the hospital.

Derek thought that if he hid well enough then they wouldn’t find him even after they searched. They’ll find you if they have dogs, he reminded himself. Well maybe they wouldn’t have dogs, he thought, but then he kicked himself for his sloppy thinking; of course they would have dogs; the universe loved to save those kinds of surprises for him.

Seeing that he had no other choice, Derek pulled the trigger.

The battle for the hospital was under way.

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