Demonic Symphony – Scene 083

The sun set and the city was dark.

It was a new moon; Laurie’s favourite time of the month. Laurie watched the last of the colour drain out of the sky and let herself drift off to sleep. At three am they would start work… humans were weakest…at three am.

Laurie dreamed in black and white. A starless sky spread out over her, but she could see clearly. She ran over roof tops like a feather with legs. There was something she had to find; something she had to remember; something she had been told once.

She let herself slip down an alley way, picking a path at random, until eventually she came face to face with a man sitting on a throne.

“Oh,” said Laurie, “I’m sorry to disturb you”.

The man inclined his head gravely.

Laurie smiled, this man was strange. “What’s your name?” she asked

The man opened his mouth and a thousand birds flew out, squawking, ‘Bernard, Bernard, Bernard’.

Laurie opened her eyes. “Derek?” she asked.

From somewhere across the roof space of the abandoned warehouse Derek grunted.

“Who’s Bernard?”

“I don’t know” moaned Derek, “go back to sleep.”

Laurie rolled over and closed her eyes again.

By 3am she had forgotten.

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