Demonic Symphony – Scene 027

It was with great relief that Derek reached the safety of the forest. He had walked the entire way across the fields checking over his shoulder and getting ready to run at the first shot.

His relief passed quickly though. Derek was only too aware of the insane situation that he was walking into and now that he was closer to it he thought that the hospital had a very sinister air about it.

If the hospital had an air of evil about it then the forest definitely did; as he crept forward he noted disused toys, mouldering blankets, and a rather unpleasant message that a tree seemed to be in the middle of eating.

Derek crouched down by the last tree at the edge of the forest and looked around. Laurie didn’t seem to be around; that added weight to his suspicions that she had already gone inside. He looked up; as soon as he left the shelter of the trees he could be taken out from any of the windows, but there was nothing for it. Derek stood, leaned forward and prepared to sprint for the entrance.

No! Stop!

Derek sat back down. What if he was mistaken? The figure he had seen had been very small; it could easily have been a figment of his imagination. Running in to back up your partner was one thing, but Derek would be dammed if he was going to be shot dead because of a trick of the light.

Derek let his eyes scan the edge of the forest. They rested on a rather squat and ugly gardening shed; it was a clear land mark, and if there was going to be a message left at all then it would be there.

Derek started to make his way towards the shed. He had only gotten about ten meters when he felt something tug on his foot. He dropped down and grabbed at a piece of cable.

He had just registered that the cable was some sort of gardening wire and that someone had strung it up between two trees when the hissing sound started.

Then there was lots of noise and light.

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