Demonic Symphony – Scene 043

Laurie felt something heavy drop on her; but she didn’t shake it off.

She let her head clear and tried to focus. What’s the last thing I remember?

Laurie remembered that they had been shot at and the car had crashed. Now that she thought about it, she could still hear gun shots.

She noticed that the thing that had fallen on her was leaking; she pushed it off and sat up.

It was dark, she realized, and she opened her eyes wide.

There was so much sand in the air that it blocked out the sun; but Laurie’s sunglasses had been designed for her, and they wrapped around her face like goggles.

Laurie focused on the sand, willing her sensitive eyes to see through it. There were lots of people; and they were all fighting.

Most of the people were oddly shaped; like they were wearing body armour. Those people were dropping like flies.

There were two other people; one was tall and the other one short.

The short one was firing bullets around indiscriminately; pumping five or six bullets into each opponent before moving on to the next one. She was laughing the whole time she was doing it.

The tall one was taking her time; leisurely swinging around and taking out each target with a single bullet. With horrified fascination, Laurie realized that the tall one was moving slowly so there would be targets left for the short one.

At the edge of her vision, Laurie made out two new people running towards her; and then, with a rushing sound, she first felt, and then saw the helicopter lift up from the ground.

The tall one turned toward the helicopter and with a thoughtful pose fired her gun once.

The helicopter tipped to one side and smashed into the ground; the tall one went to deal with the pilot.

The short one swung so close to Laurie that Laurie could make out the wild look in her eyes. The short one pulled a grenade out of her vest and swung it up over her head, with her hand on the pin.

Tony caught her arms, “That’s enough, Emma” he said, “They’re all dead.”

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