The Wolf’s Will


The Wolf's Will

This was the first novel I ever wrote; I powered through it during NaNoWriMo without the slightest idea what I was doing and in hindsight it shows.

I’m still a little bit proud of this novel; I expected it to be awful, but it turned out semi-coherent, and that’s why it’s up here now.

Here’s the blurb:

Under werewolf law any person who fails to
attend the reading of a will is judged to have no
interest in the content, and anything they
would have inherited is distributed among
those who are present.

Its not a bad law, but it is quite easy to exploit.

When Greg learns that his rich uncle is dead
he knows that it won’t be easy to get back;
his uncle had a huge family and all of
them would love to be the only one at the

Enlisting the help of his gregarious chief Editor
Tony Tony, Greg prepares for the long walk

If everything goes to plan then it will be a nice
quiet trip.

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