Demonic Symphony – Scene 062

Derek was still stuck underneath the blimp; but even he couldn’t miss the huge blast of flame that almost hit him.

Damn it! He thought; who’s shooting at me?!

He looked down at the grounds and saw everyone pointing and talking.

He thumbed the blimp to move towards the balcony; it could be a signal, he realized, Laurie was crazy enough to think of something like that.

He kept one eye on the balcony and was reassured when a second blast of flame went straight up into the air; it was definitely a signal; he even thought he could see Laurie at the bottom.

He wasn’t happy with the blimp not being the centre of attention anymore; the attention was all on the balcony; and Derek didn’t think he could make it in time.

The blimp hit some sort of gargoyle and bounced back into open air. Derek desperately tried to thumb the blimp back into the right direction; but he hadn’t even played with remote control aircraft when he had been young and the blimp tipped upwards until it was nearly vertical.

Derek tried to calm himself down and started thumbing for the blimp to tip forward. From the underside of the blimp he had a great view of the stone balcony rising up to meet him.

The underside of the blimp smashed into the balcony and finally shook him loose from the underside of the blimp; he hit the deck hard and his head started to spin.

He was dimly aware that Laurie had wrenched open the door of the blimp and stuffed some sort of life-sized ragdoll through it, he was also somewhat aware that Laurie had dragged him out from under the blimp and stuffed him inside it as well, he was even aware of the sensation that the blimp was tipping off the balcony and of the sight of a huge number of armed men running into sight and stopping before they reached the doors.

The first clear thought that Derek could remember was thinking about how strange the whole thing must look to the guards. Tonight they would go home and tell their families that a young woman wearing a rubber ‘Alice in wonderland’ outfit and wraparound sunglasses had smiled at them before melting some doors with her flame thrower and taking a running leap into her blimp as it fell of a balcony.

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