Demonic Symphony – Scene 032

After the explosion had finished and the sound of falling timber had stopped, Laurie pushed out the table she had been sheltering behind.

“Well, well” she said, smiling at the tribute to destruction.

It looked as though the entire side of the building had been blown out. The room she was standing in looked like the inside of a fire place and now opened onto a three story first step.

Laurie felt around for her pack of containment crystals; but she couldn’t find them. She had a vague impression that she hadn’t picked the pack up before diving for cover. She checked her gun; there were three left.

Laurie smiled again; her estimate of the group she was facing had just gone up. Disc grenades were a top secret weapon; even the government agencies weren’t meant to use them; although she happened to know that Derek had a stolen one that he liked to carry around like a good luck charm; if this group had them then it meant that they were much better connected than she had supposed.

Laurie put her gun away; she would save the crystals until they were really needed.

No one had ever taught Laurie how to fight with a staff, but she knew how to play baseball. She wrenched a heavy steel rod out of a partially crumbled wall and swung it over her shoulder.

The nice thing about bludgeoning weapons was that they never ran out of ammo.

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