Demonic Symphony – Scene 089

Derek brought the truck to a halt; leaving lines of smoking rubber behind him.

Derek felt annoyed. He knew that he should be grateful, but nothing in the mission was going the way it was supposed to. For instance he was starting to wonder if the guards were idiots. He had stolen a truck, rammed one of their number up against at wall, and had spend the last minute doing a high speed lap of the complex, and none of the guards seemed inclined to stop him.

The flying guards collapsed together on the garage.

Derek felt a twist of worry. He pushed himself back into his seat and thought, ‘They’ve found what I did to the yellow guy’. He knew he should run, and his right foot suddenly seemed a lot heavier, but he didn’t know where Laurie was; and he knew he had to get her.

There was an earth shattering kaboom and the garage disappeared in a hail of concrete shrapnel.

Derek’s heart jumped. Then the rest of his body got in on the act and jumped as well. He skewed sideways in his seat and watched as the fragments clattered on the roof. He was almost certain that that wasn’t his fault.

The flying men were flying around in a state of considerable agitation. It was like being at the centre of a rainbow whirl pool.

Derek felt a little shrunken. It occurred to him that Laurie might already be escaping on her own. It was either that or the flying men had some truly awful ideas about the correct way to heat a building.

The flying men descended on the building and started to pour in through the windows; seemingly at random.

Derek watched them careful, with his face turned to the side. He didn’t like having all of them inside at the same time; it made the place feel too much like a bomb waiting to go off.

It occurred to Derek that even if everything was going well now, it would inevitably turn against him later. He took the yellow man’s radio off the floor.

There was a big crushed area along the side of the radio. Derek had missed it in the excitement while he was picking it up.

Derek felt his stomach being pushed higher in his chest and he ran his thumbs over the crushed area. He knew something like this was going to happen. There was nothing else to be done, so he thumbed the on switch.

He radio made a faltering squeaking noise; like a dying seal.

Derek felt his stomach drop back to its normal position. He sighed; at least the radio was alive.­

He keyed in the number to reach the bunker in the woods. The phone spat, crackled, and popped, but didn’t do anything useful.

Derek’s heart sank. He knew it had been going too well. He lifted the radio up and talked into it, but he didn’t have any expectation of it working. They were alone.

There was another explosion from inside the building, and then the crackling of small arms fire.

Derek sat bolt upright. That had to be it, he thought, and he gunned the engine into life.

There was another explosion and Derek pinpointed one section of the building.

The truck surged forward and built up speed.

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