Demonic Symphony – Scene 014

What a great story! Laurie thought; she was imagining telling the story in the university pub. Yep, we were tracking down this madman who was torturing people, and we were just getting into the town that we had tracked him to when a giant demon came and threw our car off the mountain! She was just reaching the point in her fantasy were all the cute boys were buying drinks for her when Derek cut her off with his take on the matter.

“The missions not over!” She said indignantly, “we just need to get a lift into town and then we can go on as planned.”

“Right, and how are we meant to report back?” Asked Derek, “I’m not climbing back down there for the satellite phone”

Laurie took a quick glance at the steep cliff face and then dangled her cell phone in front of Derek’s face; it was silly of him to have forgotten that anyway.

“Right,” said Derek, “sure. You won’t get a lift anyway; no one’s going to stop for two strangers on the side of the road with blood on their hands”

“Sure people will stop,” said Laurie, “We’re injured and need help”

Four cars later Laurie wasn’t quite as sure about the generosity of the human spirit.

She had tried everything she could think of; thumbing a lift, looking injured, staring down the ravine, and if anything the cars had gotten faster each time. She was trying to remember the advice that her hitchhiking friend had given her; making a sign to show where you wanted to go was meant to help apparently; she wondered if she could find a sheet of cardboard and write on it with her own blood.

On second thoughts, that might not help a whole lot.

Through the entire thing Derek was just sitting on a rock watching the whole thing with an irritatingly knowing look on his face. Laurie thought; what was something she hadn’t tried?

She remembered a story that her hitchhiking friend had told her once, and a wicked grin started to form on her face.

She saw the headlights of a pickup truck around the next bend.

She turned back to Derek and told him to turn around.

“What? Why?” he said

“Just do it”

Derek shrugged and rolled his eyes, but he turned around on his rock and looked the other way.

Laurie turned back to the pickup. It was getting closer.

She took her sunglasses off; the early morning light stung her eyes, but everyone had always said that she had beautiful eyes.

She bent her legs and widened her stance, as though she intended to catch the pickup with her bare hands.

She waited until she could see the whites of the driver’s eyes, and then she whipped her shirt up.

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