Demonic Symphony – Scene 036

Derek couldn’t believe what he was seeing; it was like the universe was deliberately arranging itself it mess with him.

How did I end up on this mission? He thought; what did I do to deserve this?

He had spent the entire night in a fruitless search through a ruined building; wondering the whole time when the floor was going to cave in and trap him, and when he had finally called it quits and started to mentally rehearse what he was going to say to the idiot that had sent him there he had been cut off and shown that the idiot might have been right the whole time. Derek didn’t see why they couldn’t have found that out before they had wasted an entire night.

The two of them were digging through the rubble that the scanner was beeping insistently at. Derek didn’t know what they were looking for anymore; it didn’t seem likely that the rubble contained dozens of people in sensory deprivation chambers.

With such low expectations Derek wasn’t really surprised when Laurie lifted something he had never seen before out of the rubble.

It looked like someone had taken a cube of about a meter width and covered it with soft leather. These hypothetical people had also seen fit to dye the cube in swirls of grubby yellow and black. Derek reached the conclusion that the hypothetical people had poor taste and weird motives.

He was quite surprised when the cube uppercutted him.

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