Demonic Symphony – Scene 076

Laurie told them what Gamble had been.

Derek didn’t like what he was hearing. He rubbed his face and asked, “Just how many secret government organizations are there anyway?”

Emma was tapping out a rhythm on her leg holster, but Laurie smiled, “Too many,” she replied, “It’s not like there’s a whole lot of oversight to hold it in check“

Derek was getting annoyed. He sunk back into his chair and scratched his head. “Why does there even have to be a secret government organization to make the trains run on time?”

Laurie looked like she was about to say something, but Emma cut across her, “Will you quit nattering, and just tells how to find the people responsible!”

Derek was shocked by the force of Emma’s reaction. He jumped backwards and almost fell off his chair. His hand moved naturally to the place where is gun really should have been.

Laurie looked shocked as well but she took it in her stride. “Of course”, she said, “Ernest Mckingle will be waking up soon, and we have to decide what to ask him; his information will be key to this case.”

Derek didn’t feel he trusted Mckingle; if he wasn’t still keeping one eye on Emma then he would have started rubbing his face again. “He’s hostile to us” he said, “Any information we get would be useless”

Laurie looked at Derek, “I don’t think so” she said, “He struck me as a rather immature person, I don’t think he will be able to stand up to interrogation”

Derek kept his feelings to himself; he knew that if there was any chance of them getting useful knowledge then something would have to happen to stop them.

Laurie had written ‘Nature of cube’ on the sheet of paper; reading out aloud and smiling while doing so.

De felt tired and old. He flopped back into his seat, “How he got the cube?” he suggested.

“Oh, good one” said Laurie as she wrote that one down as well.

Gradually the list got longer.

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