Demonic Symphony – Scene 024

Half of a kilometre away Laurie was wondering the same thing.

She had walked until the old man had taken his torch off of her, and then she had kept walking; just for the look of the thing.

The road that she was walking on was bordered on both sides by stretches of farmland as far as she could see. It looked as though the farmland completely surrounded the mental hospital; although in the distance she thought she could see a small forest at the back of it, for the inmates’ maybe?

Laurie stopped walking and halted the horses. It seemed clear what she had to do, but first she had to join back up with Derek. Laurie tried to thing like Derek, where would Derek be?

Even if he hadn’t seen the forest, he would have snuck around the building looking for weaknesses, she decided. The smartest thing to do would be to go on the attack and trust that he would join her.

Laurie vaulted the fence along the road and tried to encourage the horses to do the same. The horses were quite clear on the fact that they weren’t going anywhere, so she left them where they were; after all, how far could tame horses run?

Laurie strode through the farmland; the crops had recently been harvested and the vegetation in the field didn’t even cover her shoes.

In the silvery moonlight Laurie could see for miles, and she walked with all the assurance of a woman who would see anything coming long before it got to her.

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