Demonic Symphony – Scene 082

“You should have kept driving”, said Derek as he sat down.

Laurie was sitting in a booth in the corner of the coffee shop. She pushed a cup of coffee towards him, “I thought it would look too suspicious” she said, “If I slowed down and then sped away again. You saw them?”

Derek remembered and felt his stomach clench. “Yeh” he said, taking a sip of the scalding coffee, “Most obvious undercovers’ I’ve ever seen”

The sun was getting low in the sky and there was a weird golden glow through most of the café.

Derek didn’t like most of the ways this night could turn out. He held his cup tightly; willing himself to ignore the burning. “He’s there” he said, “I got a glimpse in a mirror as I was walking in and Casper is still circling around the ruin.”

Laurie looked like she was thinking; she had barely touched her coffee. “Did they see him?” she asked.

Derek groaned inwardly and took another swig of his coffee. “No” he said, “I don’t think they could see him, not that that helps” he added, “They can see us just fine and if we show up there with one of the cubes they’re looking for on the end of a fishing line then they are going to notice us”

Laurie took a sip of her coffee, and then put it down again, making a face. “Maybe there’s some other way to get his attention” she mused

God! Derek hated that crazy optimism. He drained the rest of his coffee and bit his tongue. “Right, maybe we could drive past while waving the cube out the window.”

Laurie smiled and ran her fingers along the rim of her glasses. “It would be too obvious if we did it that way” she said.

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