Demonic Symphony – Scene 025

Derek looked at the horses as though he had never seen one before.

He had thought about what he should do and had decided that he should meet back up with Laurie; after all they were partners. He had reasoned that she would be trying to do the same thing, and so his best bet was to go back along the road where she would surely be waiting. Now he was here, and Laurie was not.

Derek ran through the possibilities in his head. Laurie had been kidnapped, Laurie was secretly a ghost, Laurie was trying to drive him insane. In the end there was really only option though.

Derek had realized that the mission was over the second the old man had walked out of his hut; someone who lived that close had to be in on whatever was going on inside the mental hospital, and he would have relayed what had happened as soon as Laurie had left. Now that they had lost the element of surprise it would be suicidal to go ahead.

Derek looked out over the fields, maybe it was his imagination but he thought he could see a figure walking towards a forest at the very edge of his vision.

Derek sighed and vaulted the fence. The moon lit up an expanse of fields, completely flat and unbroken apart from occasional hay stacks that loomed like monsters.

Derek tried to think who must own this land, his mind provided him with the image of a drunken man with bad teeth who would of course be swinging a shotgun in front of him when he emerged from the farmhouse that Derek thought he could make out in the distance.

Derek rubbed his arms and, feeling very exposed, started putting one foot in front of the other.

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