Demonic Symphony – Scene 055

Laurie landed and spun. He gun located on a rotting bed sheet, but it was empty. She scanned the room and moved out.

She moved down the corridor, kicking in doors as she went and feeling the adrenalin pulse in her brain. She even searched the end of the house that looked like it was collapsing; there was a smell that suggested that something flammable had been spilt, but it seemed deserted.

She suddenly realized that she had searched the whole house and hadn’t found anything.

She stood perfectly still while she thought of what to do next.

There was the sound of rubbish being moved back from where she had come. She moved back up the corridor; not bothering to keep her wading quiet, and located her gun on Derek’s head.

“Dammit!” she said; dropping the gun to her side. “He’s not here!”

“Have you checked the rafters?” said Derek

Laurie hadn’t, and she stomped off to investigate, but found nothing in the ceiling space. “He’s not here either” she called; launching herself back to where Derek was standing.

“Well that’s that then” said Derek who was already turning around, “I’m going back”

“No” said Laurie; who had had time to think, “He might just be out for the night, so we’ll wait for him, or he might have moved out, so there might be some clues in this rubbish.” She put her eyes to the ground and started walking.

She was so focused on the litter that she didn’t even see the line until after she had pulled it and heard it go ‘click’.

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