Demonic Symphony – Scene 002

Laurie loved nights like this. The moon was full, and the skies were clear so the hallways were brightly lit as she walked through them.

She was glad it was going to be an old soldier’s Demon; the last one they had fought had gotten big enough that it had been able to throw things at them; it had been like playing dodge ball; there was something about combat vets that made their Demons really powerful, and that made it more interesting when you took them in.

They were walking into a darker part of the school when something happened. The Static scanner finally stopped fizzing and gave them a message.

“GET OUT!” The scanner gurgled. The two of them stopped in their tracks, Laurie could feel her heart beating faster and a grin spreading over her face.

“Now, Now,” said Derek, “we’re all friends here; there’s no need for all this violent talk.” He sounded like he was reading the words off a card, and he was loading his gun while he was talking.

Laurie hit him on the arm, and he gave her a look, but it was all ritual at this point; neither of them could remember a mission were it hadn’t come down to gunplay.

Laurie had spent several years training to be a psychologist before realizing that there was nothing in the world she wanted to be less, and she felt that she should really add something. “We’re not here to hurt you” she said, “We’re here to help you”. She stopped and listened expectantly; running her finger along the butt of her gun.

“Get OUT!!” insisted the scanner.

Laurie giggled and started loading her gun; it was always the same up to this point.

She felt Derek stiffen next to her and then a second later the scanner started to beep.

She followed the scanners lights.

The Demon was moving down the corridor at them.

Derek brought his gun level, and Laurie did the same.

The Demon started circling; they all started by circling.

Laurie kept her eyes on the scanner and kept her gun trained on target. It was hard doing both at once, but Laurie loved the challenge.

Everything was going normally, and that was a bit of a disappointment. If everything kept going by the routine then the Demon would keep circling, and looking for weaknesses until eventually it would lose track of itself and put itself too far forward, and then they would shoot it and lock it into the containment crystals, hand it over to Casper, and be done for the night. Case closed.

Laurie felt her smile fade a bit as she ran through her chain of thought. Same old, same old; she wished that something would happen this time to break the usual routine.

The scanner beeped and the Demon exploded.

Ah, thought Laurie as the darkness snuffed out the moon, that’ll do it.

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