Demonic Symphony – Scene 035

Derek caught Laurie’s fist and glared at her. The fact that he had fired his shot gun at her was completely forgotten in the midst of his rage at her for still being alive.

Laurie held his gaze for a moment with a completely dumbfounded look on her face, and then she squealed like a schoolgirl and lunged forward to hug him.

This annoyed Derek more; he had been hoping to have the opportunity to get some yelling done.


It was several hours later; there had been a lot of yelling.

Derek was still sulking, and Laurie had to admit that her opinion of Wellsford’s ability was even lower now than it had been before.

The two of them had searched the building from top to bottom; first cautiously, and then with increasing lack of subtlety until they were basically tramping around like they owned the place. Laurie was now willing to bet her life savings that the only person in the building apart from themselves was the old man; who was now tied to a chair and wondering where he had gone wrong in life.

When Laurie started to notice the sky changing to a lighter shade of black she went back to the plaza and found Derek there waiting for her. “Wellsford is an idiot” he said, “There’s nothing here and I’m going back.”

Laurie nodded; it hadn’t escaped her attention that he hadn’t insisted that she had to come with him; that probably meant that he was still angry. Anyway, Laurie was tired; ExpLaurieng a ruined building had been fun at first, but it had lost its appeal after the first few hours.

Laurie remembered that she still had the static scanner; she had had it turned off since they had crested the mountain leading into Symphony’s valley but she turned it back on now; it didn’t seem likely that there were any devices around with the ability to detect it.

She took the scanner around and waved it around in a half hearted manner.

Poor Wellsford, she thought, she knew that he had a soft spot for her, and it wouldn’t be fun for him to find out that he had sent her bad information that had almost resulted in Derek and herself killing each other.

She put the scanner back in her pocket and walked after Derek.

She considered the ways that she could break it to him gently, and realized that she would have to be very quick about it if she was going to get her message in before Derek opened up on him.

She was just checking on her cell phone reception when the scanner started beeping urgently.

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