Demonic Symphony – Scene 077

Laurie felt a small surge of joy; she was going to lead the interrogation. She fought back the urge to clap her hands and took her seat in front of Mckingle with a blank expression.

Mckingle was still tied to a chair with a bag over his head, but now he looked more alert than he had before. Laurie’s chair squeaked on the floor as she sat down, and Mckingle’s head darted up at the sound.

Emma whipped the bag off his head and sat down next to Laurie. Mckingle tried to stare through the desk lamp that had been turned on him; Laurie thought he looked as though he was still under the influence of whatever she had injected him with, and she wondered again what the maximum time limit for leaving someone unconscious was.

Laurie felt the childish joy of someone playing a game, and reached deeper inside herself until she found the part that had emulated cop movies as a kid. She hardened her face and deepened her voice, “Do you know why you are here, Mr Mckingle?”

Mckingle shuddered; he looked like he was trying to piece together what had happened. Something surged into life behind his eyes, “Oh, fuck you motherfucker!” he said, “I aint telling you shit!”

Inwardly Laurie smiled, “That’s ok” she said; keeping her voice smooth, “We have all night”

Mckingle lurched; making his chair rock, “Like fuck we do!” he yelled. There was a crack of lightning and his hands came out from behind his back.

Something like a surge of electricity surged through Laurie. Her eyes flew open. She was on her feet. Her gun was swinging around to face Mckingle.

There was a huge blast of Neon orange wind. Laurie slammed into the back of the room. Someone started laughing, but then there were gunshots, followed by someone else laughing

Adrenalin powered Laurie. She jumped to her feet and looked for her gun.

Her gun was over on the opposite side of the room. Mckingle was flying among floating orange shapes. He was in the corner and covering his face while Emma was shooting him. Derek was shaking his head and trying to get back up.

Laurie wanted to join the fight. She leapt across the room and grabbed her gun. Then everything went black.

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