Demonic Symphony – Scene 004

Laurie felt the darkness cover her. She didn’t mind; she liked the darkness.

Then she felt pain, and fear and humiliation. This was wrong; darkness didn’t hurt like this.

The darkness squeezed in on her, it hurts you like this, it seemed to say, it hurts you and only you because you are the one who deserves it.

Laurie gave some thought on that matter. Why? She asked, her voice sounded weird inside her head.

The darkness seemed to falter for a moment, but then it pressed deeper. Because you deserve it came the answer, because you’re worthless.

Laurie thought about this, and then she thought about the pain; it didn’t feel like it belonged to her.

She pushed outwards with her mind. The pain became sharper, more defined, and then there were images as well.

Oh, she thought. She could see it now; a small boy tortured by his schoolmates, asking why, wondering if he deserved it, no one there to help. Teenagers, they were the other common source of the powerful emotions needed for the creation of demons.


Laurie pulled back into her own body. I remember now, she announced, you’re a demon.

The darkness flinched. No I’m not.

Somewhere far off Laurie felt her lips form into a smile. Yes you are.

No I’m not!

Yes, said Laurie, raising her gun as the darkness pulled back, you are”

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