Demonic Symphony – Scene 086

Laurie was in a room somewhere. It was very dark and she was wearing a blindfold; which admittedly didn’t help the darkness. She was tied to a chair, this made it less comfortable.

Laurie smiled a grim little smile. It had been, she had to admit, kind of stupid of her to make a run for Casper. In hindsight it would have just made more sense to abandon the mission at that point.

The ropes around her wrists were tight; she couldn’t really move at all.

Laurie had a flash of inspiration and rolled her eyes at what she assumed would be the ceiling. It wasn’t going after Casper that had caused her to get caught; it was when she had taken the cube out of her pocket and started swinging it around on the end of the fishing line. She should have just left the cube in her pocket and ran where she thought Casper was. The guards wouldn’t have used their Mckingle powers and she would off outrun them on foot.

The room had a slight chill to it, and she couldn’t move to warm herself up.

Laurie felt really stupid and let her head drop. She sighed. Oh well, she thought, I’m blindfolded and tied to a chair in a strange room, it could be worse; some people pay good money for this kind of treatment.

They had taken her cell phone, as well as her scanner, and virtually everything else in her pockets.

Laurie’s mind started dancing, and she started smiling; it was like playing a computer game. ‘Now’, the thought, ‘What’s the way out of this?’ She started thinking about the ropes that were holding her.

There were ropes holding her arms to the chair, as well as another rope around her chest and a third set around her ankles. The rope was soft and smelled faintly of sawdust, but it felt very strong and the knots felt needfully complex.

Laurie thought back curiously and tried to pull her wrists apart with all her strength.

The ropes held beautifully. Laurie’s wrists didn’t manage to move at all.

Slightly disappointed, Laurie relaxed her arms again. The rope was too strong to break, she thought, could it be untied?

Laurie’s fingers bent up and began feeling the knot around her wrist. The rope was smooth and her fingers kept slipping.

Laurie slouched slightly; as much as the ropes would allow, and let her fingers relax. The knots couldn’t be untied, and she had no tool to cut them with. What did that leave? Talking her way out? She turned her head up, “Hello boys” she said, “You come here often?”

There was complete silence from around the room.

Laurie was curious. Maybe there was no one in the room? If she was alone then that would make things a lot easier for her; maybe she could try those knots again. “Hello?” she said, “Is there anybody out there?”

There was the sound of gun clicks from around the room.

Laurie was surprised and sat up straighter. Three guns, she decided, spread out around the room. Professionals, who didn’t talk to the prisoners. That made things more difficult.

The seat was starting to hurt her back and Laurie shifted a bit, trying to get comfortable.

Laurie was baffled. She couldn’t see any obvious way out. She thought about yelling, but how would that help? Even if anyone on her side could hear her they would just run into three hired guns. She knew there would have to be some way out, but she just couldn’t see it.

The room was starting to get lighter.

Laurie felt odd. She lifted her head up and tried to puzzle that one out. Why was the room getting lighter? The answer was obvious; the sun was rising. ‘But wait’, Laurie focused.

The sun was rising. There was sunlight; it was falling on Laurie’s back.

Laurie smiled inwardly, and she allowed herself a little smirk outwardly as well. It was a strange choice to put her with her back to a window. Now what to do with that knowledge? Laurie flexed her feet experimentally.

Her feet could touch the floor. They wouldn’t be good for running on, but they might be good for one solid push.

Laurie felt empowered. She relaxed in her chair and took up a bracing position. The only question was how high they were. If they were three stories or higher then she would hit the ground too hard and would get dragged back inside with serious injuries. If they were only one story high then she wouldn’t hit the ground hard enough, and she would still be tied to the chair, and utterly helpless.

The sun was starting to feel warm on Laurie’s back.

Laurie felt exhilarated. She put her toes firmly on the floor. I hope I find my sunglasses, she thought, they would make this look so much cooler.

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