Demonic Symphony – Book End

I’m afraid that’s all of my second book that I’ve uploaded right now, but don’t worry; I’m uploading the scenes Serially so there will  be more here tomorrow.

If you really can’t wait then you have a few options; you can get a hold of the completed dead tree version here, or you could download the PDF for any price you think is fair by clicking the download button below.

(Note: because of the way Paypal is set up it wont accept $0 as a valid donation amount; if that’s all you’re willing to pay then you can download the PDF here)

If you would like to discuss Demonic Symphony then I would like to show you it’s pages on TvTropes and the Web Fiction Guide

Finally have you checked out my other book?

The Wolf's Will

The Wolf's Will

Anyway, I’m glad you visted my blog, and I hope to see you again.


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