Demonic Symphony – Scene 052

Derek forced himself to stay calm. It’s okay, he told himself, I only borrowed the car from Sammy this morning; she can’t know what happened yet.

He walked further down the corridor; fighting the urge to look back. As he passed the room with the TV the program changed over to the news. The sound was still low; but Derek could still hear the news headline, ‘The bodies of three men were found next to a downed helicopter and a wrecked car this evening’.

Derek didn’t wait to look behind; he bolted.

Derek skidded around the corner at breakneck speed, and dived headlong at the door. To his surprised the door opened, and he skidded to the car.

He got his door open just as Laurie dived across the hood; and then he jammed the key into the ignition, raked the gears into reverse, tried to put the accelerator through the floor of the car, and was off.

“Wait!” screamed Laurie; as the car hurtled backwards through two red lights, “We forgot the kid!”

“I don’t care!” Derek screamed back, “If Lenard wants him then he can go get him himself!”

Derek spun the car around and accelerated away forwards. He drove with one eye in the rear view mirror; fully expecting to see the nun flying after him like some sort of vengeful ghost.

Slowly Derek’s heart started to slow down again; and the road behind him took on a slightly less threatening hue.

Beside him Laurie scratched the back of her hand, “There was something weird about that” she said.

Derek thought that ‘something weird’ didn’t even begin to describe what had happened back there; and he communicated as much to Laurie in rather forceful terms.

“No, no.” said Laurie, “I meant the news report; what happened to the other nine bodies?”

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