Demonic Symphony – Scene 071

Up on the roof top Laurie was having trouble. “What do you mean, you won’t take the company credit? You always have before.”

“Yeh. But there’s always been a company before.”

“There’s one now; it didn’t suddenly disappear” said Laurie; she couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing; she had come to think of Herbert as being part of the company.

“Yeh? Well the papers say it was pretty quick.”

Laurie held her hair back and counted to three; she could feel the line of displaced tissue where Emma’s bullet had brushed her temple.

“What can I give you?” she asked, “What will you accept?”

Herbert looked down at Laurie’s hand. “That ring real platinum?”

Laurie withdrew her hand, “What else?” she asked

“Yer won’t give me the ring?”

“No” said Laurie, the ring had been her Grandmother’s and it was the only keepsake she had from the woman who had raised her.

“Cash then” said Herbert, “Lots an lots of cash; level four secrets aint cheap, and you still owe me for that tip last night.”

“What?!” exclaimed Laurie, “I paid you last night”

“Yeh, in company credit”

Laurie tried to think her way out of the situation she found herself in. Field agents were not that well paid; it was the price they paid for generous expense accounts and a poor oversight process; when they made deals that involved quite a bit of money they had the word of the organization to back them up. Everyone who was someone knew the name of the organization.

Laurie thought hard, but there didn’t seem to be any way out. It wasn’t a lot of fun being trapped by the horns of a dilemma.

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