Demonic Symphony – Scene 070

Derek drove down his street in a preoccupied state of mind. He opened the door and hurried up the stairs; not even noticing the message that hit him in the head.

He reached the door and opened it carelessly. Christine wasn’t home.

Damn it! He thought; Christine had transcendental stick fighting classes today; it had completely slipped his mind.

He looked out the windows and dropped the blinds; then he jogged down the corridor and down the hidden staircase to Jade’s room.

She was sitting on her bed and assembling a gun out of what looked like some part of the kitchen mixer. She looked a little surprised to see him and Derek wasn’t surprised; he didn’t normally come to see her so soon after coming home.

“Jade” he said, “Sweetheart. We have to take a little trip.”

He took up the pose that he vaguely remembered as the one that you were meant to use when coxing an animal closer to you.

Jade looked at him in confusion.

He tried the hand gesture that Laurie had used on him. “Honey” he said, “There are some bad men who are hunting after daddy, and they may want to kidnap you to use you as bait so they can kill daddy; so that’s why we need to get you somewhere safe, ok?”

Jade seemed to understand this. She leapt of her bed and started arming herself with startling efficiency. And rifles; startling efficiency and rifles.

“Ah, honey” said Derek, “Daddy would really prefer it if you didn’t actively hunt down those bad men I was talking about.”

Jade wasn’t listening. She finished her arming sequence by ramming two pistols into twin leg holsters and fixing them into place with throwing knifes. Then she turned around wearing what looked like twice her body weight in weaponry and gave Daddy a shy smile.

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