Demonic Symphony – Scene 085

Derek had wedged himself up the walls of the alleyway. He could see the site, but they wouldn’t find him unless they happened to look up at the wrong time.

Derek was angry. He drummed his fingers against the brickwork; the beat just kept getting harder and faster until it turned into a punch, which caused Derek to rotate to an upside down position.

There were no more lights from the site; they didn’t know where he had gone and they seemed to think it was too risky to keep their powers on to search for him.

Derek was angry with himself. He rubbed his face and his mouth, and scraped his fingernails across his forehead. ‘I should have grabbed her’ he thought, as he rotated himself upright again, ‘I should have known that she would make a last minute dash for Casper and I should have stopped her’

I was completely black on the site; if Derek had brought a set of night vision goggles then he would have been able to see what was happening down there; as it stood he was blind.

Derek felt like crying out at the unfairness of it all. But he couldn’t because the men were still around, and they would be on him in an instant. “I never wanted to be part of this job” he hissed, “I said we should have sent the army; I knew we would get in over our heads”

It didn’t help of course; the site remained completely dark in the face of his arguments, and Laurie failed to suddenly materialize beside him.

Derek mentally slapped himself; he wasn’t going to get anything done if he just sat around whining. He worked his way further up the wall; trying to see better into the site.

It didn’t really help; a completely darkened site is still a completely darkened site, no matter what angle you view it from. There did seem to be a little movement though, the kind of movements that people make when they are trying to do something without drawing attention to themselves.

Derek felt his mind focus. ‘Go for help’ his instincts screamed, and Derek imagined the effect of letting team three loose on the men down there.

He was starting to work his way back down the wall when he suddenly stopped short.

With a belt of horror, Derek realized that there was no way the men were planning to stay where they were; it was way too open. Derek quickly worked his way back to the top of the wall. “There will be a truck”, he muttered, “and they will load Laurie into the back; if I’m lucky.”

There was complete silence.

Derek felt some of the familiar hopelessness. He brought his hand up and rested it on his forehead. They would have some method of moving a bound and gagged girl, he realized, and it will be one I can’t see from up here. “I can’t leave to get help” he muttered.

The movements seemed to stop on the site below.

Derek had a moment of panic, and leaned closer; had they already gone? It was too risky to go for help, he decided, not just risky, but stupid; they would be gone by the time he got back. Could he call for help?

Empty streets stretched away from Derek on all sides.

Derek felt a little sick in the pit of his stomach. He didn’t know where he could find a pay phone, and at three am there would be no one around to help him. Would it be worth running to find a pay phone anyway?

There was a low rumbling noise and a truck with no headlights appeared and started backing onto the site.

Dammit! Thought Derek; jumping slightly. That settled that. He began to slip down the wall; as fast as he could manage. What was the other option? Attack?

The truck was having some trouble backing up; it was moving at an angle to the site. One of the men there walked up to the back of the truck, started glowing neon blue, and lifted the truck onto a straighter course.

With a flash of fear, Derek pulled up short. No, he decided, attack was not an option.

Derek stood only a few feet from the end of the alleyway. Once he crossed into the open again he would be vulnerable. There was a lot of movement at the back of the truck.

Derek could feel his time running out. He pinned himself closer to the wall. ‘Think!’ he mentally yelled to himself, ‘what’s the best option?’. ‘No’ the little voice in his head corrected him, ‘What’s the least bad one?’

Derek burst from his hiding place and sprinted across the road. The movement at the back of the truck had stopped, and there was the gentle clicking sound of a truck loading door being carefully closed.

The driver walked back to the front of the truck and climbed into the cabin. He turned down the street and drove through the district. Eventually he ran out of city and drove out into the desert.

The desert was bitterly cold at 3 am. And it was worst for Derek. He lay on the top of the truck and held on for dear life, as little fingers of frost tried to pry his fingers away.

Derek’s teeth were chattering, and part of that was from the cold. He rolled his head to one side and looked out into the desert. ‘I sure hope there’s a payphone wherever they’re taking her’, he thought.

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