Demonic Symphony – Scene 038

They found the horses about where he had last seen them, and Derek was too tired to even be surprised.

It wasn’t the first time that some variation of the theme of Demon had physically attacked him of course; but it was the first time that they had actually succeeded. If not for Laurie, Derek knew that he would probably be dead.

What did he have over his shoulder? Derek had taken a closer look at the rubble they had dug the cube out of, and it looked like the cube had been set inside a concrete pillar; someone had intended to hide the thing and never have it be found.

But it was active; there was no doubt about that. Laurie couldn’t see it but the crystal shards in the top of the cube were crackling with Demonic energy. Something had tried to come through the cube, and Laurie’s trigger finger had stopped it. Now there was something huge on the other side of the cube, and the crystals were disrupting it and holding it back.

Derek didn’t know enough about the crystals to be sure that they would hold.

Derek tightened his grip on his stolen curtain; he felt dirty just holding the damn thing. He decided to find a car as soon as they got back to symphony and get the thing to Casper and off his hands.

On the horse next to him, Laurie dozed behind her sunglasses; but Derek kept his eyes on the road. He knew that even a few years ago he would have dodged that first strike easily. Derek felt his aching body and forced himself to keep his eyes open; he wasn’t a discharged force yet.

He noted the three black helicopters that flew past him with interest, and he urged the horses a little faster.

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