Demonic Symphony – Scene 030

Laurie jumped back from the window like it had shocked her; whoever was on the ground must have picked her out against the window; and he wasn’t a bad shot either.

Laurie took a moment to think about her strategy, while the bullets ripped through the wooden ceiling above her. She was starting to run low on containment crystals; and that wasn’t really working anyway. She knew she couldn’t aim properly while the fireworks were still going off, and whoever was down there had probably moved somewhere with better cover.

It occurred to Laurie that it was odd that no one was joining her in the defence of the hospital; that probably meant that they knew it was their man down there and if so then he was marking out her location for everyone to see.

Laurie moved swiftly down the corridor; making sure to keep well back from windows. While she went she collected dusty metal objects from each room she passed. She still had a few things from the garden shed in her backpack, and what she had in mind would definitely rattle the people down below, no matter where they were hiding.

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