Demonic Symphony – Scene 008

A retained Demon! Laurie almost clicked her heels together as she walked out of Chief’s office. A retained Demon was really rare, and powerful, and making one was a major crime so this was the big time; this job promised to be really fun.

Derek didn’t really see it that way of course; she could see that in the way he was walking; he looked like his personal gravity had doubled. She asked him what the matter was, and he turned to her.

“This is a terrible job,” he said, “I don’t know what we did to deserve it”

“Well we do have the best capture rates of any of the agents” Laurie said; it was a fact she was very proud of.

Derek rubbed his forehead and turned to her again, “You don’t get it do you? You really don’t get it; you think this is all a game, and the capture rates are a way of keeping score”

Laurie couldn’t think of a better way of keeping score, but she decided not to say that to Derek; he seemed to be on a roll and she thought it would be best if he got it all out.

“This isn’t a game.” said Derek, “This is silly buggers with firearms. We put our life on the line every time we go out after a demon, and now the stakes are that much higher; you can’t put a retained demon together with one man working out of a basement; you need a big organized Cartel, and when you are organized that well you are NOT going to miss the fact that people might come after you with guns because of it. This is a job for the army; we shouldn’t even be involved.”

Laurie was annoyed; she was beginning to reach the conclusion that her partner was being a coward for no reason. “So what? We can call for backup after we’ve tracked them down. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity we have here, I think we should go for it and try to have a little fun with it”

Derek looked at her with utter astonishment in his eyes, “Fun” he muttered as he walked away.

“I’ll take the classic detective’s route” She called after him, “And check out the building that got blown up; you go see what Casper has to say about the Spiritual readings when it happened.”

Laurie saw her partner shudder and remembered that that might not be the best idea, “Okay,” She said smiling a little bit, “I’ll go see Casper.”

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