Demonic Symphony – Scene 040

The thudding of the rotor blades got louder and louder until it seemed to fill Derek’s whole world. But then the sound started to get softer again; and eventually it disappeared entirely.

In the darkness Derek heard Laurie give out a heartfelt sigh, he let himself breathe out as well, and on the other side of him the farmer whose garage they had borrowed also sighed; perhaps because everyone else was doing it.

“They’ll be back” said Derek,” they knew we were on that road.” He expected Laurie to argue with him; but she didn’t say anything.

There was silence for a moment; then Laurie broke it. “They don’t have a tracking device on us” she said, “So that’s a bonus; if they had had some sort of tracking device installed in the cube then hiding in this garage wouldn’t of helped us.”

Derek thought about this, “They could be flying on deliberately to give us a false sense of security” he said; but even to him it didn’t sound likely; the helicopter definitely had enough weapons on it to take down a small garage.

“Okay,” said Derek, “They’ll kill us on the main road; we need to take some sort of back route.”

“We need a map,” said Laurie.

The farmer flicked the light on and dropped a pile of maps in front of Derek.

“Thank you,” said Derek, as he picked one of the maps and spread it over the hood of the Gremlin.

Laurie ran her finger down the map. “We should be about here” she said; she considered the map for a moment, “It’s not a very good position.”

“It’s a bloody awful position” said Derek, “We’d have to drive another hundred kilometres down the road before we found a side road that would take us anywhere other than round in circles!” He closed the map and leaned on the Gremlin’s hood. “Let’s assume we don’t drive,” he said, “What options does that leave us?”

“If we called the office then I bet they would send one of the other teams in a 2CV” said Laurie, “The retained Demon case must have a high priority. We could give them the cube to take back and then lead those helicopters away on a wild goose chase”

“There is no way in hell that I am going to act as a decoy for one of chief’s crazy missions”

“Okay, so forget the second part; we could all go back in the 2CV, and I bet we would be less noticeable”

“Right” said Derek, who thought that this was the best plan they had. “Call them up, and tell them to bring weapons when they come”

Laurie took out her cell phone; but then looked at it with disappointment. “Ah” she said; and she held up the phone to show Derek. Derek couldn’t be sure, but it looked very flat.

He took the phone and held it up to the farmer, “Do you have a charger?” he asked.

The farmer made a noise that might have been an English sentence; if it was spoken through a mouth full of avalanche. Derek noted the fact that all of the tools in the garage seemed to be used by hand. “I guess not” he said, “Bugger”.

He and Laurie spent another ten minutes discussing their plan; before they decided that they would have to drive for the back roads; quickly.

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