Demonic Symphony – Scene 047

Laurie had been dreaming that she was flying on the back of a seagull when a fog horn pieced through her slumber. “Well heya kid!” said Lenard.

Laure rolled over so that her face was pressed into the back of the sofa. “I’m not a kid,” she said, “I’m three months older than you, remember?”

“Ha, Ha, Fantastic!” said Lenard, “Say, I hear Chief wants to see you!”

Laurie rolled off the sofa and pulled herself to her feet, “I thought we were stood down” said Laurie, “I haven’t had any sleep for way too long”

“Well I feel fine!” said Lenard, “You just have to pace yourself!”

Laurie grumbled all the way down the corridor to Chief’s office; but when she opened the door she was surprised to find that Derek was already waiting for her.

“Ah Laurie” said Chief, rising from his chair to great her, “Are you feeling alright? I waited as long as I could before sending Lenard” Laurie nodded and sat down; she still wasn’t happy about being woken up and sent back to work, but she was touched that Chief had waited long enough for Derek to walk all the way back to work before calling her.

“What is this about?” said Derek, “There’s no way in hell that Casper’s done with that thing yet.”

“No” said Chief, “He isn’t; but a new lead has opened up; it should be more fun for you than the last one”

Laurie’s ears perked up; she still liked the idea of investigating the retained demon, and she really liked the idea of an avenue of investigation that didn’t involve that bloody cube.

“Do you remember that Demon you caught before going on this case?” he asked. Both Laurie and Derek nodded. Laurie remembered that case well; it had been a fun one.

“Well, the boy that the Demon was linked to has been talking to Lenard for the past few days” Chief smiled, “Poor kid” he said, and Laurie smiled too.

“Well anyway,” said Chief, “Lenard got him talking about something that he remembered one of his tormenters playing with.”

Chief held up a sketch of the cube.

Laurie briefly hoped that it was just a coincidence; after all a cube wasn’t an uncommon shape; but the sketch was in colour and the swirls were just the way she remembered them.

Derek spoke first. “What does this have to do with us?” he asked

Chief looked at him in a fatherly fashion, “Well it is your case” he said.

“That case is assigned to all of the teams” Derek replied

Chief chuckled, “True” he said, “But can you imagine Team Three taking a case like this?”

Derek wasn’t moved, “We could send Team Two” he said, “Interrogation is something that Tony is good at”

Chief nodded, “But Tony and Wellsford have already gone up north to continue the mission they were on before I interrupted them.” He smiled understandingly, “there is no need to be concerned for your safety” he said, “I have the highest confidence in your success.”

Derek looked like he had swallowed something unpleasant; he started to yell something; but Laurie caught his arm and he stopped.

Laurie looked at chief and thought carefully; she thought about the mission, and the cube, and what it would be like to break open a retained Demon case. When she thought this last thing, she felt a soaring feeling in the pit of the stomach, “We’ll do it” she said.

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