Demonic Symphony – Scene 079

The world was back and white; like the inside of a film noir. It was empty, Laurie had space to think.

Laurie felt confused; there was something she had to do, something she had to remember.

Time was passing. History’s flow quickened, taking Laurie along with it.

Laurie felt energetic. She swung her arms back and forth; testing her new muscles as they grew stronger and harder. Her hand brushed her gun, Demon, she remembered.

Laurie looked outwards and the world got brighter and brighter.

Mckingle was there, he was hovering in mid air with his eyes closed; playing with something orange. Derek was there as well, and Emma; they were both shivering on the floor.

Laurie wanted to take Mckingle down. Her gun was already moving when she remembered that she only had two crystals left in the clip. She looked at Mckingle carefully.

The top of his right Forearm was glowing.

Laurie grinned; if there was anything she had learnt from video games it was that all bosses came with a big glowing weak point.

She pulled the trigger.

Everything stopped glowing, Derek and Emma jerked awake, and Mckingle belly flopped to the floor with a splat.

Laurie grinned wider and got back to her feet. “Well Mr Mckingle” she said, while checking her gun, “We have a few questions we would like you to answer.

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