Demonic Symphony – Scene 048

Derek felt uncomfortable; like he should say something, but didn’t know what.

He was driving Team Three’s 2CV; which smelled unhealthy and vaguely herbal, and they were travelling north; into the built up industrial areas of the city.

When Derek had been young, the industrial sites had been the powerhouse of the city; now they were looking very run down.

As Derek looked around he saw lots of broken windows and many factories with doors boarded over. When he stopped at the lights a pair of hookers wearing what they must have imagined to be stylish clothing; they leered into the window until he drove away. He turned to Laurie to check what she had thought of the hookers, but was glad to see that she was still asleep.

The kid was sitting in the back; he hadn’t said anything since he had gotten in the car; Derek didn’t even know what he sounded like. “This is the right neighbourhood?” he asked. After a long time the kid nodded.

Derek didn’t like being with the kid. He generally didn’t like having to deal with any part of the Demon hunting process beyond the actual ‘hunting of Demons’ part; but he hated having to deal with the people who Demons came from most of all.

The kinds of people who spawned Demons were the ones who felt so scared and sad that their feelings were given physical form to wreck havoc upon the world. When Lenard showed up with his bright smile and sharp suit these people were just thrown at him; no one ever had room for someone who never spoke and spent all their time brooding alone; and that just made Derek angry at the world.

He took another look at the kid in the back, and wondered how long it had taken for his parents to decide to send him away. Five minutes? Ten?

Derek made another attempt at conversation and asked something at random, “So we’re looking for a little cube then?” he said, “About three centimetres wide?”

The was silence from the kid for so long that Derek had effectively given up; and then the kid gave the corner of the car a tiny nod.

Derek didn’t bother to make another attempt at conversation; he hated having to deal with the kinds of people who could spawn Demons.

He nudged Laurie on the shoulder; “We’re here” he said.

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