Demonic Symphony – Scene 006

Laurie liked to wake up with the evening chorus; she found the sound of birdsong soothing; it was a great way to start her night off right.

This evening she woke up to the sound of dissonant power cords, but the effect was the same. She grabbed her toothbrush off the top of the card pyramid her roommate had made and set about preparing for the nights work.

She was sure that there would be a new demon to track down tonight; Tony had told her that the start of the new school year was the busy season and that meant that there would probably be more demons like the one last night; clever, powerful, and fun.

She pulled on her jacket, and remembered that she had an extra reason to feel pleased with the world; she was sure that she had managed to see Casper last night. It had only been a wisp out of the corner of her eye, but for just one moment she was sure that she had been able to see him.

Humming to herself and thinking thoughts of self improvement, Laurie almost skipped to work.

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