Demonic Symphony – Scene 021

Derek dragged himself through the darkened streets; he was still tired and he was having trouble keeping up with Laurie both physically and mentally.

After he had walked down the third street at an almost jog without understanding a word his partner was talking about, he decided to lunge forward and grab her arm so that she would slow down to a point that he could deal with.

“Start again,” he said, “You’re not making any sense”

Laurie turned to him and said, “I was just saying that Team Three was back from their mission”

Derek shuddered, “Well that’s terrible news, but I don’t see why that affects us. Unless,” he looked up hopefully, “They’re taking over this mission?”

Laurie shook her head and Derek went back to wishing that he was asleep, or at the very least, still in bed.

Laurie stopped walking backwards and gave him her full attention, “Let me start over” she said.

Derek was on the verge of telling her that she could stuff her explanations, but he was already out on the cold street and he though he may as well hear why she had dragged him out before he walked away.

“I thought that whatever it was that attacked us and the village might have spread out from a single source like some sort of Demonic explosion” said Laurie, demonstrating a keen creative mind and a complete failure to understand the perverse nature of the universe.

“If that was right and if I could get precise measurements of when the gashes appeared then we would be able to track down the centre of the blast” Laurie went on.

Derek rubbed his mouth, “I’m still not seeing where we come into this”. That was a lie of course, but he was still bitter about being dragged out of bed so early in the evening.

“I got Wellsford to find the centre for me” said Laurie, “That’s where we’re going now”

Derek barely heard the second sentence; the first was still trying to slot into his mind. “I’m out of bed because of something that Wellsford came up with?!” he said, “That’s it; I’m going back.”

The turned around and got through about half a step when Laurie grabbed him and spun him around. “No you’re not” she said, “We are going to follow up this lead and do our job”

“Yeh?” said Derek, “and where is this centre?”

“Oh it’s not far” said Laurie, not meeting his eyes, “30-40 kilometres out of town.”

“Aha, right, and how were you planning on getting there, considering that our car is at the bottom of a ravine?”

Laurie met his eyes. She was wearing a wicked smile. Derek had learned to hate that smile in the same was that a turkey hates Thanksgiving Day.

“What?” he said, not really wanting to know the answer.

By way of reply, Laurie vaulted the fence they had been standing next to. It led into a grassy field

“No” he said, “No way”, but it was too late; Laurie had got a hold on two horses and was leading them back with surprising skill.

“This is theft” he said desperately.

“No it isn’t” she countered, “Reverend Sammy said that I could use these horses if I needed them.”

“I don’t think he meant for this” said Derek as she led the horses onto the road, “Besides there’s no point in all this; I talked to the police chief and there hasn’t been a missing person case in over a decade.”

“Well, that’s great news then” said Laurie, who had already mounted her own horse, “We get to find something really new at the centre.”

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