Demonic Symphony – Scene 058

Derek didn’t really like Herbert; the man was like an explanation for everything that Derek thought was wrong with the world.

In particular he resented that over the years Herbert had made enough money off the Teams to live in a mansion somewhere, but he still lived in a dumpster. Derek supposed that someone who made his living by digging through trash for information had to be comfortable around the stuff, but going the whole way was condescending.

There was always this feeling in the back of his mind that Herbert wasn’t telling him something. Obviously Herbert didn’t tell him a lot of something’s, but he had the feeling that this was something important, and it made him feel like he couldn’t trust Herbert.

Derek was getting the feeling that he couldn’t trust Herbert now; the man seemed to be leading them into the high class area of the city, and all of Derek’s instincts were telling him that this was the wrong place to look.

They rounded the last bend. “That’s the one” said Herbert; pointing to a handsome Georgian manor.

Derek looked; there was scaffolding everywhere and it looked like there were workmen putting up gold leaf on everything that was visible; by daylight the effect would be absolutely hideous, by night it was actually interesting.

Too slowly, Derek’s eyes were drawn down to the areas of cover around the house, where there were men standing around holding things that were a little too long and shiny to be brushes.

“Keep driving” he said to Laurie; only to realize that she hadn’t even started to slow down.

They drove out of sight of the Manor, and then a bit further just in case, before parking at the edge of the road.

“How did he get the money for that?” Laurie wondered aloud

“Ah” Herbert leaned forward, “That’s another level ten secret”

“No” said Derek; getting in before Laurie could answer, “It’s not important; we can find out who he robbed in the morning papers.” Derek rubbed his forehead, “Lets recap” he said, “from the beginning.”

“Okay” said Laurie, “We’re trying to find Ernest Mckingle, a bully of that last kid we brought in, he was seen playing with a mini version of that cube we found Symphony and we want it and him for questioning. We went to his house, but it was empty and rigged to explode, and now we’re here; Herbert says the target is inside”

“Yeh; and surrounded by enough armed guards to form a small army” said Derek.

“And renovators” agreed Laurie, “Probably some staff inside too; that’s a lot of pairs of eyes.”

“Right” said Derek. He looked at Herbert, “I suppose there is a way to enter safely?” he asked.

“Yep” said Herbert cheerfully, “It’s a level five secret.”

“Right” said Derek, rubbing his eyes, “We’ll get killed if we just try to walk in like this. We might need to think about this.”

It was so late that it was technically early before the two of them came up with a workable plan.

Throughout the whole thing Herbert sat in the back; smiling and nodding. Derek wished he could get away with punching him.

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