Demonic Symphony – Scene 013

The instant the car stopped rolling Derek unclipped his seat belt and darted out of the car. He scrambled up the bank grabbing any vegetation he could find and pulling himself forward as though a hell hound was after him.

To his surprise he saw that Laurie was a good twenty feet ahead of him and pulling away fast. Damn it! He thought; when did the kid get so fast?

When did you get so slow? A traitorous in his head corrected him.

Derek was moving quite a lot slower when he reached the top of the bank. He was out of breath and his arms were shaking.

Laurie grabbed his arm and pulled him up the last few feet; her hands were covered in blood, and then Derek realized that his hands were as well; he vaguely remembered grabbing hold of a lot of cutting grass as he was climbing.

I’ll have to get blood work done when we get back, Derek decided, there’s no way that mixing blood with a university student can be good for my health.

The two of them exchanged the usual tests of each other’s consciousness and then stared down at the ravine. Derek could just make out the little blue 2CV crushed at the bottom.

What a humiliating way for the mission to end, Derek thought.

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