Demonic Symphony – Scene 049

Laurie took a look around as she got out of the car.

The building in front of her seemed to be the only one in the entire neighbourhood that wasn’t covered in graffiti; and it didn’t have the sharp cut-off look that you get when the graffiti is painted over daily; the graffiti just seemed to thin out on the other walls the closer it got to this building.

Laurie took a look at the building itself. It was an old wooden building which was painted in a faded cream. The roof was covered in faded red tiles and the windows where left open to let in the night air. Over the building a small sign was hung; it read Sister Silverdon’s school for industrial area children; it looked like there had once been a logo next to it, but now it was only visible as a stain on the wood work.

The building seemed to be closed, which happened to Laurie a lot; an occupational hazard of only working through the night; that didn’t matter though; breaking in was one of her favourite parts.

She was looking for the best way to get into the building when Derek grabbed her arm and indicated towards the side of the building. There was a shimmer of light from one of the windows; Laurie sighed; someone was home, but she was okay with that; she got the sense that it might be a mistake to break into this place.

She nudged the kid and walked towards the door; to her surprise, he hurried ahead of her and knocked on the door before she got there. Wondering about this reaction, Laurie joined him on the doorstep and Derek joined them both a moment later.

They both waited patiently for the door to open, but it didn’t. Laurie looked at the kid; who hadn’t changed his facial expression, and at Derek; who was scowling. She was about to suggest breaking in anyway, in spite of the light, when the door burst open.

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