Demonic Symphony – Scene 011

Derek watched the printer spooling out and nodded; that had gone smoothly at least.

“Need anything else?” asked Tony

Derek leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes, “A miracle, or maybe just an armed squad”

Tony smiled, “I wish I could help you with the miracle, but I’m fresh out of them. What’s the matter?”

Derek looked back at him, “Laurie and I have been sent on a suicide mission”

“It can’t be that bad, Chief wouldn’t have sent you if the mission was impossible”

“We have to go after a retained Demon”

“Oh, is that what caused that explosion? I was wondering; it looked like someone was targeting them.”

Derek made an affirmative sound in the back of his throat and picked up the printout from the computer, “Gamble Developments”, he read aloud, “They work in property”

He put the printout down, “God I need some coffee”

“At your age” said Tony, looking out the window, “I doubt it”

“At my age” Derek pushed his chair out and started walking for the door, Tony caught up with him and walked beside him. “Well you know what, fine; I’ll give you that; I’m an old man now”

Tony looked surprised, “That’s an new angle for you; you never used to talk about getting older”

Derek made an indistinct noise and waved Tony off, “Are you going back to work tonight?” He asked.

“Yes, but not for long; I just need to file some paperwork from my away mission”

Derek wasn’t listening; he was already thinking about the mission ahead, he probably had all of the information he needed now; this was not going to be fun.

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