Demonic Symphony – Scene 063

Laurie was exhausted. She wasn’t thinking straight and she badly wanted to have a shower and change her clothes. Most of all she wanted to get some sleep. The sun was starting to rise over the horizon and her eyes were aching.

All Laurie had on her mind was dropping their prisoner off at the office and then getting some sleep somewhere where Lenard couldn’t find her to wake her up.

She was kind of disappointed when it turned out to not be that easy.

“Jets” she said; following Derek’s pointed finger, “Why did it have to be jets?”

She looked out the windows and followed the paths the jets were tracing around them. “They don’t look like our air force” she said, “Maybe they’re here to help us?”

She caught the look that Derek was giving her, “Well it’s a possibility” she said defensively.

“There is no way in hell we are going to be that lucky” said Derek, “It’s more than likely that we have a bunch of gun nuts with enough money to play soldier in a big way”

Laurie looked at the strange collection of jet fighters again and had to admit that Derek’s suggestion seemed more likely.

“They must be burning through gas like crazy” said Laurie, “and we still have a fair distance to go before we get to the office; maybe they’ll run out first”. She was dimly aware of the existence of radar; but was still leaning towards an interpretation of events that allowed her to fly the blimp directly into the office.

Derek snorted. “Or maybe they’ll get sick of just circling us and decide to shoot us down instead.” He said.

Laurie smiled at this; her knowledge of blimps was slightly better than her partner’s. “They can’t shoot us down” she said, “even if they shoot at us all day. The rate at which helium will leak into the atmosphere isn’t great, and there’s no way something as small as a bullet hole would be able to affect us in the space of a day. They would need missiles to bring us down; and they strip those off when they sell the jets. So they can do what they like but the fact is that they just don’t have anything big enough to-”

She was cut off by a jet flying directly through the envelope. “-Oh” she said.

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