Demonic Symphony – Scene 065

Laurie looked at the patterns that the jets were setting up in the sky. If they had been trailing coloured smoke then it would have been a very pretty effect; without the smoke it was a little disturbing. The jets were dipping lower and lower in the sky; daring each other to get as low as they could.

Laurie wasn’t worried; she didn’t think there was any chance of any of the pilots getting low enough to seriously have a chance of pulling off a strafing run on them; none of them would even be attempting it if the others weren’t there.

Laurie turned her back for a moment to check for ways off the roof top and she heard Derek breathe in through his teeth. She turned back and saw one of the jets hugging the ground and streaking towards them. Laurie had just enough time to admire the pilot’s skill and curse his stupidity when the jet suddenly changed course.

The jet whipped past them with a shock wave that almost lifted Laurie off her feet and ploughed into the building behind them. The building exploded under the force of impact and a huge wave of fire and rubble rolled outwards and crushed the buildings behind it.

It was over almost immediately.

Laurie thought of all the people who had just been getting up and preparing for the day; thinking about the things they were going to do and the people they were going to meet.

Then she realized that they were the lucky ones; the ones that would be really suffering would be the ones in the other buildings, or in their cars on the street; the ones who were even now suffocating under the rubble.

From the street she heard the sound of people crying; and she was sure that if she looked over the edge she would see people frantically digging; trying to clear enough rubble before it was too late. It took everything Laurie had to not join them; the mission had to come first.

She focused. Why had the jet changed direction? The jet had been dead straight and then it had suddenly started spinning.

She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see Team Three walking towards them. Emma was congratulating Beatrice on her great shot.

More than anything else it was the shear pointlessness of it that got to Laurie; the odds of the pilot actually hitting them were stupidly slim.

“Why was that necessary?” she asked; her voice was choked and her eyes were starting to blur around the edges

Emma looked at her with confusion in her eyes, “I don’t understand the question” she said.

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