Demonic Symphony – Scene 033

Derek was worried.

He had checked the old man’s gun and had only found one shell in it; he had been hoping to pick up weapons from those who were killed in the blast, but he hadn’t found anyone.

He had also managed to advance quite far into the building and no one had shown up to stop him. Derek didn’t like it; it had all the markings of an ambush.

Derek tried to think unconventionally. He noticed that he had been following the most open passageways, and turned into a staircase that was crowded with rubble.

He followed the staircase up and found that it opened on a balcony that overlooked a large plaza.

He looked down at the plaza; in his state of mind he labelled it an obvious kill zone. He scanned the balcony; it led most of the way around the plaza and he saw someone picking their way through it.

Derek swung his gun up and advanced.

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