Demonic Symphony – Scene 019

Derek could feel the sun getting lower in the sky, and his own footsteps getting heavier as it did so.

It had been stupid of him to think it would be as easy as walking into the police station, showing his badge and looking at the missing persons reports. The old lady at the front desk had been very sympathetic but hadn’t been able to give him any information; he needed the chief for that and the chief was out helping with the relief effort.

Since he had been bounced back and forth all over the town, (Oh yes, the chief was helping us, you might want to try the grave yard now. You want the chief? The chief just left) He was beginning to think that the townspeople were wasting his time on purpose.

The sun was getting low in the sky by the time he walked into the village pub. The pub was filled with traditional country people partying like only the survivors of a great tragedy could.

He took a long look around the pub; the secretary had described the chief as having long white hair, but there didn’t seem to be any men in the pub that fitted that description.

He worked his way across the room to the barkeeper. He was talking to a man in a terrible tie about the possible reasons that huge amounts of earth would be ripped out of the ground, taking everything with it; neither of them suggested Demons, Laurie had been right about them not knowing about them; go figure.

Derek cut into the conversation and asked after the chief; he let his hand stray near a pool cue, the barman had an eye patch and looked tough. The barman jerked his head at the corner of the room and turned back to his conversation.

Derek decided against intruding again and turned to walk to the corner; he had only gone a few steps when he realized that the only people there were a few old grandmas sipping tea and whiskey.

The townspeople had been wasting his time all day, he realized. He was dealing with a huge village wide conspiracy and everyone was against him! He raised his head and vented his frustrations at the roof; using the words that he made sure to never use around his daughter.

He found it very cathartic, and was a little put out with he was cut off mid rant by one of the little old ladies. “I don’t care to hear that sort of language in peace time” she said

“Peace?” said Derek, and he told her precisely what he thought about the peace in the town, and asked her if perhaps she could give him a straight and useful answer about where in the seven Hells He could find the chief of police.

“Once again young man, I don’t want to hear that language” said the little old lady

Derek switched smoothly into the beginning of a rant about his age, but the little old lady cut him off at the head with. “And I am police chief Bryson.”

Under the circumstances Derek thought that he rallied beautifully.

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